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Summer ⚘ Fall 2017

First up this summer was touring Greece with the GTA Rep Company, where they performed selections from my production of Oedipus at the magnificent Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. I was also able to visit the ancient theatre of Oiniades, where I performed in Antigone years ago. It was wonderful to be back.

In June, I loved celebrating the success of Baby Driver at the Atlanta crew screening. What fun it was to work with Lily and Ansel and the mega-talented Edgar Wright! If you missed it, here's a fun clip of the first 6 minutes:

In the theatre, I spent August/September serving as assistant director and voice/dialect coach for the Alliance Theatre's lovely production of Shakespeare in Love. Since our director Richard Garner was also in the show, it was fun to take the directing reigns from time to time when he was onstage. You can check out the trailer here:

This fall I coached Crossing Delancey (Yiddish, New York dialects) for the Alliance, and I've got another project at the Alliance coming up this winter.

I've also begun work on a major feature film, coaching many wonderful actors, that I'll be excited to tell you all about in the new year! Once the film wraps, I'll begin work on my direction of the classic Spanish drama Fuente Ovejuna for GTA.

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